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My name is Lexi and I get Clancey Treats when I've been a good dirl, like after practicing my commands or coming in from the yard when called. Sometimes I get a treat just coz my mom loves me so much. She says she keeps them in the freezer to keep them longer. I think she freezes them coz she knows I like them that way. I like when we share them with my pup friends when they visit. My favorite is when we get special holiday cookies and we get to walk to all my friends' houses and deliver them.



We love Clancey’s treats! He’s pretty special to us because we all came from the same rescue you see, so not only do we get delicious “good baby” treats, but sometimes the proceeds go to help those special people who helped save us all and that’s pretty awesome. Our favorite are the icing cookies! Mom says everything is made fresh, and with ingredients that are good for us. The delivery is very quick, and Clancey’s baking partner is always quick to respond with any questions mom has. So many different options to chose from, and since mom says we’re her earth angels, we’ve had them all- and NEVER have we not liked any of them!

Thank you Clancey!

With wags, smooshes, and boops- Marshall and Bear

Marshall & Bear


My pups are obsessed with these treats! And I love that they are limited ingredients and only the good stuff. It eases my mind knowing that I am feeding my dogs high quality treats that are nutritious and delicious!

LuLu & Bosco



Tuck & Leo


“When we know there are Clanceys Gourmet Treats in the house, we stand by the counter and wait until our mommy gives us another one. They are so yummy. Mommy thought by putting the treats in the frig we won’t know they were in there. We wait by the frig too. These delicious treats are our absolutely favorite. Thanks Clancey for making such delicious healthy treats”.

Chaci & Fonzie

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